About the Creative Arts category

The Creative Arts area of our forums! This section is reserved for discussion or sharing of all creative arts!


  • :arrow_right: Digital Artwork, Painting, Drawing.
  • :arrow_right: Photography.
  • :arrow_right: Music or Sound Production.
  • :arrow_right: Video Editing or Special Effects Production.
  • :arrow_right: Streaming (Gaming or Otherwise).
  • :arrow_right: Writing.

Further Information:

You should use this section if you’d like to share artwork you’ve created, need advice on creativity, help with branding, logos, mockups, or similar, or just want to learn how to create something creative yourself.

This area of our forums is different from other areas because it will be frequented and more closely watched by those who are Creative or Artists themselves. They’ll attempt to guide and/or help anyone with their questions or topics, and will be great for advice on the best programs to use, or similar information.

The topics in this area should generally pertain to any type of artwork or creation that people do in both a hobby environment, as well as professional environments. The topics should contain relevant information, images, guides, tutorials, howtos, and more!