About the Gaming Talk category

The Gaming Talk section of our forums is the perfect place to talk about games, gaming, and any pursuit connected to gaming!

Topics Might Include:

  • :arrow_right:What Games People Play.
  • :arrow_right:Reviews or Advice On Specific Games.
  • :arrow_right:Planning For Game Get-Togethers, Building Teams, and Similar.

Further Information

Our Gaming Talk section is the area we utilize for all topics related to games, playing games, asking about or reviewing games, and more.

You should post here if you have questions about a particular game, are stuck at certain places in a game, want to build a team for a game, or are seeking advice or reviews on particular titles. Share anything you like that is family-friendly and public knowledge concerning gaming in general.

The Gaming Talk section is different because it’s devoted to Gaming. We have specific sections for other parts of our community and its functions, but at our core, we are almost all gamers, so this is the section!