About the General Discussion category

Welcome to the General Discussion area of our forums! This section is basically the place for random, normal conversation, off-topic new conversations and more.


  • :arrow_right: Regular, “Flow of Normal Conversation” Discussions.
  • :arrow_right: Talk About 100% Non-Controversial and Non-Specific Whatever.
  • :arrow_right: Discussions About Pretty Much Anything That Does Not Fit Into Other Areas.
  • :arrow_right: Fun Forum Games like “Never Ending Stories”, “What Are You Listening To” topics.

Further Information:

You should use this section of our forums to ask to express pretty much anything that is not a weighty topic. If your topic is spiritual in nature, technical in nature, or deals with anything even remotely controversial, this probably IS NOT the place for it. Please keep this area as family friendly as possible, in every way. This is a great part of our community to introduce yourself if you are new, get to know others a little more, their humor, love for God, to ask questions about the Christian Crew itself, and lots of other things.

Please treat this area as representative of our membership and how we treat others for the purposes of our guests and viewers. This area will likely be many people’s first impressions of our community, so give them something interesting or something to smile about!