About the Jesus Christ category

This section of our forums is specifically for discussions about Jesus Christ, Christianity, and any other topic tangential to ministry.

Please use this section to:

  • :arrow_right: Ask Serious Questions About God, the Bible, or Other Ministry Questions.
  • :arrow_right: Share Testimonies or Other Personal Stories of Faith
  • :arrow_right: Minister, Evangelize, Encourage, and Build Up Both Fellow Believers or The Lost

Further Information

This area is reserved for serious discussion on Ministry, Faith, and all topics regarding God. It differs from other areas because it is devoted to Christian topics, not general or gaming topics.

This section should contain topics relating to Scripture, Ministry, Faith, Seeking Answers, Testimonies, and more. We have a pretty robust Prayer and Praises system on Discord, but they are still welcome here! Please do everyone a favor and don’t drill down too deep into the structures or doctrines of any one particular denomination or belief system, but rather, try to remember there are certain things ALL Christians can agree on that are pertinent to Salvation, and that some smaller differences of opinion shouldn’t stop us from glorifying God. It’s about Him, not us.