About the Tech Support category

The Tech Support area of our forums! This section will obviously be centered around helping others with technical issues.

Such as:

  • :arrow_right: Computer Hardware Issues or PC Building Questions
  • :arrow_right: Software Issues and Help (Troubleshooting)
  • :arrow_right: Discussions About Computer Science, Coding, and More.
  • :arrow_right: Bug Reports and Technical Questions About Christian Crew Assets and Services.

Further Information:

You should use this section of our forums to ask questions pertaining to issues with programs you use, Windows, Linux, and other OS questions, or things like advice on tech purchases, such as phones or other mobile devices, laptops, and lots more. Generally, any questions that are a little more technical or involved than standard General Discussion or Off-Topic discussions.

This area of the forums is different than other areas because it will generally have more skilled and technical members paying attention in order to help resolve issues, give advice, and similar.

As this section continues to ‘fill out’, we will try and make sure most sub-topics here revolve around general tech issues, and separate specific issues with the assets or services of the Christian Crew in it’s own little area.