"Fault Lines" the book

I picked this title up because I was intrigued by the idea of the author being a theologian with degrees in sociology, and also because of his own brief summary of his views on Critical Race Theory.

I’m 38% through according to my Kindle. I realize now that all the bits and pieces of CRT poking out in the media and other areas of life are just the tip of the iceberg, and that there’s a unifying “theology” beneath.

The first section, titled “Thought LIne”, is dense reading, and I thought it would take me a month to get through the rest of the book if it was like that, but it then segues into the author’s background before defining and dissecting CRT in its own words, via its own authors and proponents. I’ve learned a LOT.

Has anyone else read this book, or been planning to read it?

I have read it pretty recently. I find myself in agreement with Dr. Baucham on lots of things, other than a couple of denominational things.

I believe that sharing his own story really helps keep the book grounded, and shows you that this isn’t some ‘out of touch’ person in some ivory tower somewhere, but instead is an informed individual who’s been on both ends of the topics he speaks on.

If you like Fault Lines, I would recommend that you also look into Thomas Sowell, easily one of the most interesting economists you’ll ever learn about.

Baucham mentions and quotes him.