How Silver became Dini

Hey all! 'Dini here. I have a few nicknames on the server. Silver, SilverHoudini, Houdini, Dini, snake lady, crazy cat lady.

The original username I used when joining CC back in… Uh… 2018? I think…? Was SilverHoudini. It’s been my handle online for many years. Previously it was Silver pages as I love the color silver/grey, and I used to write quite a bit. But then I wanted to change it up a bit and when with Houdini. Houdini is a nickname of mine since I was little - my last name is hard to pronounce and it very very slightly resembles how Houdini is pronounced. So, I got the nickname. I also around the time of changing my name started driving a silver Ford Escape. Which my dad conveniently tried to name Harry. I put the kabosh on that and we settled on Houdini.

So yes. My handle is based off my car, which is based off a nickname.

For a few years, people shortened my name to Silver, which I loved. Even my IRL friends called me Silver for a time. When I joined CC, there was already a use named Silver, so Winged Scribe asked if he could call me Houdini. Fast forward another few years and that got shortened to Dini after a member’s kiddo started to learn how to talk. :slight_smile: I love it.

You’ll see variations to my handle on here, but anything to do with Houdini most likely refers to me. :slight_smile:


Who, Dini? :grinning:

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