Tutorials and schtuff

So, I’ve been making a few videos on my youtube channel about where to find free resources for art stuff, streaming, audio and visual resources that are copyright and royalty-free, etc.

I haven’t really made any tutorials on how to use any of them, or anything yet.

Besides programs I have that not everyone has, like Photoshop…I have all kinds of cool websites that can do far more than people expect, and I could show how to use some of them and stuff, but I’m always a little blocked on what I should do a video covering, that would appeal to the most people, I guess.

Anyone have anything specific you’d love to see a video on?

Here are some thoughts based on previous thoughts or ideas (put into motion or not):

  • How to touch up a photograph (ie, landscape, toying with coloring).
  • How to take a proper picture mechanically (as in, the subject is irrelevant, show me how to properly determine ISO, contrast, etc).
  • How to create/draw geometric sequences and shapes without reference (in Ps, Illustrator, whatever).
  • Animation - just…in general - what software/tools do you need, how to get started.

These are just from the last few months of wondering about things. If not a suitable subject, might at least bring some inspiration.

Yes, this would be extremely helpful. I sort of inherited a very nice Sony camera and have been running around shooting blind… while looking at the manual would probably help, I’d appreciate understanding the factors Skye mentioned there.

Okeedokee, I’ll try to put together a nice little video on how to use ISO, white balance, etc to get the best shot.

Incidentally, most camera functions such as those found on professional cameras are now pretty much on all cameras, and can even be accessed on smartphones. So…not that it matters THAT MUCH, but does anyone have a very specific type of camera they’d like more info on, or just modern digitals in general?

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I’d assume a relevant model would be whatever Sony that Kes has, or you can go the smartphone route and use FV5 from my S21 Ultra.

Okay, I’m going for a kind of ‘one size fits all’ kind of thing.

It’s going to be pretty basic, but it will have a Table of Contents, so people that already know certain details can skip ahead, or if you’re watching for something specific, you can click and go straight to the relevant spot, etc.

I’ve already starting ‘scripting’, and I say right out of the gate that pretty much any camera out there is capable of using controls like ‘white balance’, ‘shutter speed’, ‘ISO’, etc.

I quickly move on to the types of files cameras create, which is important because of how incredibly editable some of them are versus others.

Then I start to get into the real details of what the terms mean and how they interact with each other.

I’m hoping I don’t ‘overdo the heck out of this’…And make some freaking super involved and completely uninteresting video, but rather make something lots of people can get a lot of facts from quickly, so they don’t get bored and read the manual instead, lol.

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Guess, well find out, lol.

I look forward to finding out.

I think I might have to realistically make this a series. I’ll try and touch on the basics immediately in one video, but then maybe expand on things in another. There’s just way too much to cover and really drill down into in one video, me thinks. We’ll see.

If it’s too long, I worry that it won’t be any more interesting than just reading a manual or textbook. heh

So, stay tuned, I might try to spice it up with stupid humor or worse. You might want to watch it just to see if it’s a train wreck, not just to learn something.

Still scripting at the moment, though, so…Hope to start recording tomorrow, maybe.

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