Should I Play GW2?

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Should I Play GW2?

Post by Aaronander » September 10th, 2013, 2:54 pm

So, recently, a friend of mine attempted to get me into WoW. It's ok, and I haven't given up completely. A few things irk me about it though. Mostly, lack of compelling story and a crippled-feeling combat system.
So, convince me. What do you like about Guild Wars 2? Will I have a better experience than WoW? Convince me with a plethora of finely crafted words, oh ye players of GW2.
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Re: Should I Play GW2?

Post by Samtron101 » September 10th, 2013, 3:44 pm


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Re: Should I Play GW2?

Post by KustomElvis » September 10th, 2013, 4:27 pm

Pay once, play for as long as the servers are up. Also content patches and events do not cost extra at all. It does have a cash shop, but that is for those that cannot micromanage, cannot farm gold to convert to gems, or just have too much money and want to look cool with skins and have a chance of getting a cool looking pet.

I got to level 80 with decent/OK gear in 130 hours of gameplay. That time would have been cut dramatically if I decided to craft and farm the areas where you can get gold quickly. I would say by half for sure, so invest 70-80 hours of your life to GW2 and you should be 80 with pretty nice gear to do dungeons knowing the quicker and easier ways to farm gold.

The biggest thing for PvE are the dungeon runs and then you have World v World which is pretty cool with lots of objectives and some pvp elements included. The game does have pvp, but it is lacking and not really super fun for the long-term.

Overall it is a fun game you can pick up and play here and there without investing 15 a month and years and years of constantly trying to keep up with the newest expansion or the newest anything. If you can find it on a deep enough sale and play 50+ hours I would say it is beyond worth the time and money spent.

This is all coming from someone who VERY VERY casually plays MMORPGs. So from a casual point of view, it sure feels nice to not have to spend extra money and just pick up and go and then drop it when I want to do other things knowing that I am not missing much.
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Re: Should I Play GW2?

Post by Izzy » September 11th, 2013, 1:52 pm

Elvis makes good points.

I've played both. WoW I played obsessively for a while, and honestly it wins out as my favorite of the two. GW2 I played for a short time and really did enjoy it. It is much heavier on story than WoW and the graphics are prettier. In WoW I concentrate on collecting and achieving all the things, while in GW2 I found myself just playing the story. It's also cheaper overall, and lower level content isn't as throwaway-able as it is in WoW, meaning you still enjoy the leveling process as a game. In WoW it can become boring and a chore.
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Re: Should I Play GW2?

Post by twinlights7 » September 12th, 2013, 4:55 pm

As was already mentioned, no subscription fee is already superior. However, since MMOs are primarily based on community, it would be best to go where your friends do.
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Re: Should I Play GW2?

Post by Krillz » September 15th, 2013, 8:40 am

Guild Wars 2 does have a better and more "alive" combat system, and they have done some great work within the PvP scene. Though they still haven't introduced any kind of deathmatches, which is the part about PvP that I generally enjoy. This is maybe about to change though, as they are currently working on new PvP modes.

And as far as PvE goes, I would choose WoW. GW2 just doesn't offer any real challenge, like there are no raids and there are no especially hard instances. This leaves you in a place where you just chase achievements basicly.

Also, no monthly fee. :biggrin:
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