Wouldn't it be cool to make something beneficial go viral?

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Wouldn't it be cool to make something beneficial go viral?

Post by NeoJabez » October 28th, 2017, 9:37 pm

The Short Story:

An old CC/ACE Member is the bass player for a band that produced a 5 song album in 2015. I've made videos (featuring CC!) of 3 of their songs, with their permission. Wouldn't it be cool if these videos went viral? Wouldn't it be cool if more people learned about CC, listened to some great, original Christian music, and maybe even helped sell copies of these guys songs on iTunes? (Heck, maybe even get them noticed enough to play on Christian Radio? It could happen!) The songs are $.99 a piece (or $5 for the whole album.)
You can find them here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/my-gr ... 1055222913

Bottom Line: Share these, EVERYWHERE!

The Long Story:
Spoiler! :
Christian Crew/Artistic & Creative Endeavors Member Smaz (Micah) recently got married! But in the last year or so, shared a neat story with me.

Smaz lives in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area, and attends the "college to careers" youth worship ministry known as "The Bridge" at Silverdale Baptist Church.


I assume, but am not sure, that "The Bridge" referred to is the Walnut Street Bridge, a Chattanooga landmark, the first bridge to connect downtown Chattanooga with the North Shore, built in 1890. Point is, if you live in Chattanooga, and someone says "The Bridge", you know what they're talking about.

Anyway, Smaz is the bass player for the Bridge Worship Band. This band is headed by a man named Taylor Smith. Taylor wrote these songs, and sang them, though his wife, Genny was one of his vocalists, as well as a young woman named Kelcie.

Someone at The Bridge told Taylor repeatedly that his originals were on a level that really should be shared with more people, and suggested they get professional recording done. Taylor thought about this, and eventually decided to try crowdfunding.

They wanted to raise $1,000 for a professional studio located in North Georgia, and promised those who helped raise the funds everything from their own copy of the album, with lyrics, and other items, all the way up to such rewards as the band coming and playing at their home at the event of their choice.

They raised $1,660.

These songs might just speak to you. Coming from someone who generally does NOT listen to most contemporary Christian music, these songs hooked me and didn't let me go. They each have a great message, and are worth a listen.

It would be the coolest thing if (two years after their production!) these songs suddenly started to generate a real buzz, started selling and producing money for the youth group, or even for the artists themselves. (They might want to do more albums!) Wouldn't it be cool if they got noticed and played on Christian Radio Stations? Wouldn't it be something if these songs could really have an effect on someone who needs to hear them?

Let me say this now: I did these videos as a labor of love for these songs, not for any recognition, or future hopes for money. I heard these songs not long after a major upheaval occurred in my life that 9 out of 10 CCers know nothing about, and so I have a very deep emotional connection with the messages in these songs. I am not sharing these as a form of self-aggrandizement or to broaden my 'portfolio'. If the Bridge Worship Band, or Taylor Smith in particular receive money, recognition, or anything at all as a result of these videos, I will be glad I could return just a little of the joy their music inspired when I needed it most.

It should be said that I DO have ideas for videos for the other two songs, but my ideas would require some live action filming, and I don't have anyone to film for the footage.
Please understand that I have special permission to share these songs/videos/lyrics with you here. If you want to purchase the actual songs, or support the artists, please do. I think, though, the greatest thing you could do is to help drive more people to their music, so please share them any way that you know how.

I will be sharing these videos in other ways, such as Facebook, as soon as I can, and if there are no weird issues. (Facebook can be strange about people's music, even when you have permission.) I urge you to share their songs/videos on Christian Crew's Facebook page when they are up there. Let's show this worship group that they can have an effect, that they have done a good thing, and that they should keep doing good things!

The Gospel Song:
Spoiler! :
A beautiful song featuring acoustic guitar and piano, The Gospel Song talks about what Jesus did on the Cross, and feels very INDIVIDUAL and PERSONAL in its lyrics. I love the progression it makes between a person with an amount of doubt, and ends with a person of belief. "I was dead, now I'm alive-- It's all because of Jesus Christ...with him I rose up from the grave and now I sing!" Come on, that's cool.

This particular video is the first one made, and it was entirely original. This video was built from the ground up, all the effects, the spectrum analyzer, and all the lyrics were produced by hand. (In other words, no templates of any kind were used to make it.)
My Great Need:
Spoiler! :
This is the title track, and the first song I heard on the album. This song is an uplifting, edifying, exhortation of pure worship...It talks about how we NEED GOD, how without GOD we can't be satisfied, how GOD comes to us in our moments of Greatest Need because we are nothing.

This video appears to be someone texting out to God. Imagine a person's prayers kind of like text messages, and God never texts back, only because He already has! His text is called The Bible, and it answers every question, every concern, every moment of fear, and every moment of praise.

Find Me:
Spoiler! :
This is an incredible song. Really. This song is like a testimony straight from Mr. Smith, the songwriter. It's powerful, it's seeking, and it is another very, very personal song of worship and praise. God is the Creator, and the Loving, but he's also the Finder of the Lost, the Shepherd of the Sheep, the Tender of the Flock, and without Him, we are insignificant.

This video uses text in a dynamic way to tell a story, slowly becoming more involved, more colorful, and more animated as the story evolves.

Pour Your Spirit Down:

Spoiler! :
Sometimes we need God to override the temporal world, and to pour out His Spirit, to rejuvenate His Saints, and revive the sleepy. We need to come to God in supplication, realizing and expressing that we are His Children and that our Human Family has done Him wrong, even if we personally praise Him. We are all still guilty without Him, we would all still be without a destiny but for His Grace.

Honestly, I feel guilty for releasing the other three videos without having made videos for this song and the next. I love these songs just as much, but what I want to DO for the videos is something that will take quite a bit more time and effort, and I don't want to wait forever to release the ones that are finished. So, please listen, and just hear the words...

Almighty God:
Spoiler! :
Last but absolutely, positively NOT least is the song that makes me want to do everything from cosmic scenes of the galaxy, down to showing a tiny ladybug...This song produces all sorts of imagery that makes it easy to see how God is All, and we are pretty much insignificant next to Him and His Glory.

Like Pour Your Spirit Down, and maybe MORESO, I feel bad for not putting something together for this song. It's fantastic, and has a wonderful message. I'm hoping to get to it soon. Either way, please listen to it more than once, I can tell you it's worth it.

Thank you everyone, for your time and attention. Again, if you found this music worth it...Please head on over to iTunes and drop $5 on the songs. Enough people do that, and I'm sure the band will begin to wonder what's going on. I would sure love to see their expressions if this happens!

Also, as mentioned...I will try and share this on other CC assets, like Facebook. If all goes well, please share the heck out of those, too...Not for me, not for you, and not even for CC. If for anyone, do it for God's Glory, and for the songs' writer and creators, and their hard work.

I hope these songs are blessing to you, as they have been for me.
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