BF2 Memories

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BF2 Memories

Post by NeoJabez » March 9th, 2017, 6:59 pm

I put this together because Battlefield 2 is a thing again, and I've been playing a little. The Battlefield2/2142 Revive Project. (They even brought back the ranking system.)

I used to make 'directed' movies of my stunts and stuff because when you play on a server with "Battle Recorder", they automatically save demos.

If you have a game video recording program, and you have a Battle Recorder Demo file, you can free cam anywhere you want in the game round, or follow players, whatever you want.

Well, turns out I still had some demo files from 2010, when my son and I just goofed off stunting around in choppers and F35 Jets. I mixed some of that footage with some recent footage, mainly because BOREDOM. heh

Anyway, been a long time since I made a stunt video of any kind, I should really post my old BF2 movies, I think.

Any stuttering while watching first person segments are explained by the fact I was recording them on a pretty full European server.
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