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Post by GAKINACTION » June 30th, 2018, 12:35 am

I was feeling like i was stuck in the mud. Thinking again and again about my future. Then one day and this song in my head that i heard when i was a kid starts to play. i could not remember the name of the song fully but i did faintly remember the band name was "Santo Romero" when it was actually called "Santo Remedio". Heres how i found out.

The song continues to play in my head more often for days and its gotten me wanting to hear the song in full. So i do a google search over and over but no progress because i cant fully remmeber the name of the song or band its from. I had a very strong feeling that i needed to hear this song regardless of the fact that i know almost nothing about how to speak spanish. Night time comes. I am laying in bed unable to sleep and its 3am. In my thoughts i ask "God, i cant find the name of the song or what band its from" to which he replied "go check the closet". IMMEDIATELY i get out of bed and look and look and i find it. A CD album copy of the band "Santo Remedio" and i take it back with me to my room, to be copied to my computer later, and check google play music on my phone. Found that the name of the song is "Santo Remedio - Tu Promesio" which translates to "Holy Remedy - Your Promise"

I listen to the song not knowing what hes singing about because its all in spanish. I post about it on facebook but no responses for translation (i was desperate to know what the lyrics were in english).

Skip a few hours and events during the day and i tell my mom about it. I ask her if she can translate it while the song plays and she does. The guy is singing about how even when we feel hopeless and tired thinking that we have no future with our past haunting us, God helps us by giving us hope that there is a future for us, that our past sins should not soley dictate who we are, and to always remember his promise that he is always with us every step of the way even when we think he isnt there!

Praise God!

Link to the song.
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Post by Winston » July 20th, 2018, 4:07 am

That is an amazing story. Keep up the faith and always remember that no task is too small or too much for God to handle. All we have to do is ask.
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