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Simple Requests

Post by AlloTalon » October 14th, 2018, 3:00 pm

Hi everyone,

I'd like to make simple prayer requests. This is for my improvements for the long term.

1. I met with my Pastor this morning and I found out that he is trained in Counseling. So I asked him to help me in my road to recovery by giving me counseling. He gladly accepted and I'll be meeting him on a weekly basis to help me grow. This is what I'll be working on in addition to my therapy program.

2. Prayer in my consistency. That I stay consistent with my growth phase.

3. Prayer that I become humble.

4. Prayer for my communication skills

5. Prayer that I become a listener and not an interrupter. I realize I was interrupting people and I apologize for that.

6. Prayer that I respond and not react

7. prayer for my desire to be content and unoffendable

8. Lastly prayer for those who are going through Florence and other stresses of life.

That's all from me :) I will only be posting requests like these on Sundays after Church.
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