D3 Clan Rules and Guidelines

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D3 Clan Rules and Guidelines

Post by ScooterJoh » February 16th, 2015, 9:21 am

Behavior and Conduct
As always, being an extension of the Christian Crew, members of the CC D3 Clan should conduct themselves in accordance with the greater CC's rules and guidelines. Offensive talk, language, character names, etc can be grounds for immediately being booted from the Clan. If an offending member is ALSO a member of the Christian Crew, their behavior, with appropriate evidence, will be passed on to the CC leadership for whatever appropriate action they deem necessary.

D3 Clan Membership
D3 Clan membership is open and easy. Unless your name on Battle.Net is offensive, you will be granted entrance into the D3 clan, provided we have space. This membership in the D3 Clan, DOES NOT mean that you are also a member of the Christian Crew. Membership in the Christian Crew requires filling out the membership application and going through the typical membership requirements, time period, etc.

Players requesting access to the D3 Clan who are also Christian Crew members will be given preference on joining the group.

Activity Soft Cap
Due to the fact that we receive at least 10 requests a day to join the D3 clan and a Clan size limit of 150 members, we have instituted a "soft cap" on player inactivity. This Cap is currently 45 days (It will be further reduced to we need to). If a player is 45 days inactive or more, and we have active players that want to join, said inactive players will be removed from the Clan in order to keep our active roster alive so that there is no shortage of people to group with. Presently with the release of Season 2, we have at minimum 20 people on and playing on any given evening. We want to keep it this way.

If you log in and find you are no longer a member of the clan, please, PLEASE do not be offended. It is nothing personal. If you are going to be actively playing again and want to be in the clan again, simply send an in game request and we'll get you rejoined as soon as we are able. You can also post here in the forums to let us know you've sent a request.

Please DO NOT log in every day or every few days just to appear active in order to hold a spot for yourself. If you are not going to be playing, please let room for those who are playing.

Leadership and Officers
Currently ScooterJoh (that's me) is the "Clan Leader". My Battle net name is Shambear and presently you'll see me mainly playing my brand new Wizzy Character Elminster.

We presently have two officers, Hyenaboy and Dragonfire20.

We're not opposed to having other officers to offset some of the admin work, and if interested, we'll need to get to know you awhile before just handing over the ability to add/remove people and post news, and Daily messages etc. If you're a Full CC member, that'll make that decision far easier, as it means you've already been through the CC Vetting process.

These rules and guidelines are fluid and any/all feedback and input is welcome.
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