Patch 2.5

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Patch 2.5

Post by Cptn Merika » February 2nd, 2017, 4:50 pm

So, for any of you who have consistently played Diablo 3 over the years, you know as much as I do how long we have waited for a patch to impact the game as much as this one. Granted, most of the impact is more cosmetics and itemization, it still is a huge thing. Let's review some of the changes upcoming at the end of the month:

Having a way to auto-equip all the items needed for a certain specialization is amazing. I can't tell you how much time I have wasted trying to first locate my items, make sure the correct gems are in there, change the skills, make sure they are bonded correctly, and then progress. Not only does this let you save a preset configuration (similar to WoW), but it also un-gems and re-gems your items according to however you saved it. A couple other key features is it allows you to custom name the configuration and you don't have to have the items in your bag, it switches according to the configuration from the stash as well.

Crafting Mat Storage

Oh, how I have waited for this. No more wasted spaces in my already overpopulated stash. Now all crafting materials, including cache materials as well, are now stored as an in-game currency under your account. Now, you might say "Well that is cool, but what is so amazing about that?" Let me tell you.....No more do you have to search for a material, no more do you have to worry about if you have enough....The Kanais cube not auto fills in all the ingredients by pressing the fill button after you select the recipe. On top of that, it also will let you know if you have the required materials or not by coloring the item you are missing in red.

Primal Ancient Items

The ancient items, I think we all can agree, are necessary to progress throughout greater rifts. Very very rarely, if ever, will you find higher greater rift runs (65+) being run with a character with no ancient items. In case you didn't know, let me explain the ancient items. Ancient items are legendary items that have a 10% chance to roll as ancient legendary items, which gives them an automatic 30% increase to their stats. A Primal Ancient, is an ancient legendary that has a 1% chance to roll as a primal ancient with a total increase to stats of 60%. That is a huge amount. I am just hoping that, unlike what they did with the regular ancients, they give these primal ancients some sort of cool cosmetic design like fire or lighting or something.

Greater Rifts / Adventure Mode

Well, if you have ever played a public adventure mode game, I am sure you encountered at least one person who "accidentally joined a game difficulty that they could not compete in." Meaning they were not contributing and/or constantly dying because their gear or paragon levels were not high enough to actually contribute to the team. With this patch they are introducing Greater Rift requirements for torment levels, which I personally think is fantastic. You must complete a certain Greater Rift in order to advance in the Torment levels. (i.e. In order to get into Torment X, you have to complete a solo greater rift 45 to enter the public or private game). This is really not as big of a deal, but if you are in the competing spirit of this game, what this does is prevent people from power leveling other characters so they can dominate more ladders.

Bounties Removal

The last major part of this patch is the removal of bonus bounty caches. No longer will you have to complete a certain Act of bounties, or complete all 5 to get all the bonus cache. Every Act will now give you a Large Horadric Chest upon completing the 5 bounties. This allows for a lot faster speed bounty runs in order to get those materials needed for Kanai's Cube.

There are some minor updates to the crusader, and some fixes on items, but nothing worth noting that would change the game play. What is exciting....This is the last major patch before Patch 3.0 which will introduce new dungeons, a new act, D1 and D2 dungeon throwbacks....and.......the Necromancer. I cannot wait. As always, if you haven't added me on my tag is to the left and I usually play D3 3 to 4 nights a week. Feel free to add me. Hope you enjoyed my take on the patch notes.
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