party system tests

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party system tests

Postby Ffootballl » October 12th, 2017, 10:17 pm

party system tests this month on steam:



It’s party time!

Following the execution of our internal testing program, we're happy to announce that our first round of public testing for Rocket League's new PsyNet Party System will begin this week and continue throughout the month of October.

What’s the new Party System all about? Once the test is running, PsyNet (our name for Rocket League’s backend) will automatically sync with your Steam Friends List information and allow you to create a party inside of the game client, rather than using Steam's tech as you normally would.

If you’re playing on Steam, you will NOT have to update your game when the test goes live, as all of the changes will happen through PsyNet (and do not require additional downloads). Our initial party tests will be short -- roughly 24 hours or less -- followed by longer tests throughout the Autumn season. The screenshot below is what you will see in Rocket League when inviting friends through PsyNet instead of Steam.


When do these PsyNet Party tests begin? PC players should keep an eye on the in-game blog and ticker this week and month (as well as our Twitter, Subreddit, and Facebook) for specific details.

If anything goes wrong during the test, don’t worry -- your game will automatically default back to the normal Steam Friends List in those cases. You will not have to restart your game client and all changes or rollbacks will be made automatically through PsyNet. Please bear with us as we continue to work out the kinks.

For our community members playing on Xbox One or PlayStation 4: None of these tests or changes will affect your game in any way, nor will it affect your ability to cross-network play in the same servers as Steam players.

Be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages for more information about the tests and everything else going on in the Rocket League universe.

There was a small update as well:

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Re: party system tests

Postby Cptn Merika » October 14th, 2017, 3:13 pm

This is actually pretty awesome. Much better than having the steam friends list pop up. Also, it lets you know whose in game so you don't bug them like I do when I want to play LOL.
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