Getting Pi for friend

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Getting Pi for friend

Post by Eliter » December 27th, 2017, 12:44 am

So I'm getting a Raspberry Pi 3 for my friend. He's got a terrible family computer, and I figure I could start getting quicker Google Hangouts responses from him if I get him a small computer to hook up to his smart TV in his room.

I'm trying to get him into software development, as well as getting him to respond to me in Hangouts better.

I was just curious if the Raspberry Pi is good for light computing/small gaming (like lightweight gaming, like Minecraft stripped down). He likes Netflix stuff and YouTube, so I wanted to ask if your experiences (or if you can guess based on technical sheets) with trying to watch stuff on a Raspberry Pi.

I remember trying to do some web browsing on a Pi 2 and it almost didn't suck (it was boarderline useful, borderline buggy, but it wasn't majorly bad if you understood it's a super cheap computer), but the RPi3 has better stuff on it, and has Windows Internet of Things capability, so I don't know if it performs better than Raspbian Linux.

Any comments? I had just bought it, and it comes in on Friday as a late Christmas gift.

Also, how does it do as far as graphical, programmer text editing? I know it executes Lua super great, but I used nano to create the code. It's also great with SSH, but he's only got one computer to play with (his family one is pretty off limits to installing stuff), so I don't believe he would use such a remote technology.
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Re: Getting Pi for friend

Post by Tobekan » December 28th, 2017, 12:00 pm

For what it's worth, a guy at my office has used a Pi 3 for his workstation for a year or two. He never complains.

He has a linux based laptop now, but he used the Pi 3 for a long time without any issues, as far as i know. I also have a Pi 3 but I've had it sitting on my shelf unused for a while, so I've not messed with it much.

Edit: My friend at work is a network engineer.
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