[Fishsticks] Update Thread & Changelog Reference

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[Fishsticks] Update Thread & Changelog Reference

Post by SkyeRangerDelta » April 15th, 2018, 11:36 pm

Hi there,
So those of you that are in here will likely get more interest out of it than anyone else so here is where I put it. This is going to be where I post the statistics and informational bits on updates, changelogs, crash reports, and other things related to Fishsticks, the official CC Discord bot.

Real quick links:
Fishsticks GitHub
Fishsticks Project Trello (Available to members on invite only)

General info:
This thread will start with Fishsticks' most recent version, which at the time of posting this is V1.7.3.1. All updates and whatnot will be posted here whenever a new change is made. The thread is locked so that user posts dont interfere with the reading style of the updates and changelogs. It's a reference, not a discussion thread.

Updates/Reports will be made as posts to this thread.

Questions/Concerns, please relay them to me via Steam Message, Discord DM, or a forum message here.

  • Report System Patch: deleting report messages for Staff review instead of deleting the confirmation message that the report was submitted.
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