managing HDD, SSD and NAS

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managing HDD, SSD and NAS

Post by Canley » July 23rd, 2018, 6:59 pm

Hi guys,

I'm having a lot of trouble managing my drive space. I have plenty of free space, but everything wants to store itself on my SSD which is only 128Gb.

I'm currently using 100Gb of 111Gb on the SSD (presuming the size difference is system stuff)

I have a 1Tb HDD with 468Gb free of 931Gb total. (So using 463Gb)

I have a seagate cloud NAS with 2.5Tb free of 3.57Tb.

I have windows 10 installed on the SDD.

I'm trying to use the NAS as my iTunes location, but it doesn't connect the drives on my PC startup. iTunes backups are a major problem as iTunes wants to save them on the SSD and I can't work out how to change that.

I'm not sure if I should just move Windows 10 across to the HDD. My main performance concern is for games, and I've been able to tell steam where to save them just fine. I think if I moved win10 that would at least help itunes backups - but still not help with the seagate connection issue.

I have a feeling that microsoft will want me to talk to apple and seagate, apple will want me to talk to microsoft and seagate, and seagate probably need everything else sorted before they can be of use.

Meanwhile - I have 3Tb free space on my home network, but can't back up my iphone 'cause I don't have room.

Any advice? I do work in IT so can handle tech talk - despite how the above might sound :)

My budget is limited, so I can't just go buy a bigger SSD right now.

Thanks so much,
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Re: managing HDD, SSD and NAS

Post by Samuraid » August 2nd, 2018, 1:33 am

Afraid I'm not too familiar with Apple products, but I'm pretty sure there's a setting in the options menu to choose an alternate location for your iTunes storage folder.

As for iTunes backups, here's an option to create a symlink to an alternate drive: ... n-windows/
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Re: managing HDD, SSD and NAS

Post by Imagine Wagons » August 6th, 2018, 5:43 pm

So you are having issues mapping it as in showing up as a network drive correct? If it is that you might want to check if you have windows 10 pro.
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