[Idea] What happens on PvP, stays on PvP... literally

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Re: [Idea] What happens on PvP, stays on PvP... literally

Postby Scrunch » August 12th, 2017, 7:49 pm

Hmm, not really following your logic. Ark is game that has always been easy to raid. From the games beginning raiding has been the focal point. Any base can be raided, I expected to get raided. What I am asking to fix is the use of the PvE server as a way to attack the PvP server.
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Re: [Idea] What happens on PvP, stays on PvP... literally

Postby Sabalanor » August 12th, 2017, 9:52 pm

What I think Savage is saying that they have tried building on the PvP server, and every time they even start by laying foundations, they get destroyed with C4. So they can ONLY operate out of the PVE. If they can't even establish a base of operations without it getting leveled, that is no way to enjoy the game in my opinion.

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Re: [Idea] What happens on PvP, stays on PvP... literally

Postby Titan » August 12th, 2017, 10:25 pm

first off, savage and his ilk got raided in the north because they provoked the lone guns. secondly they chose to not build a base that was defendable. i say this because the lone guns build their base on blue obby in 1 day. I dont think that someone who builds an army on the uncontested pve serve should be able to bring that army over and raid without being able to be raided back.

and to say that the lone guns are bringing stuff over from the pve server through the blue obby is wrong. those 2 guys have not played on the pve at all.

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Re: [Idea] What happens on PvP, stays on PvP... literally

Postby Preast » August 13th, 2017, 9:00 am

So, I joined the PvP server as a one man show and my two bases were attacked and destroyed/raided completely. I was expecting an attack because i had been walking up to other bases and doing the raid thing too on other smaller bases. I was left with nothing... but that's the name of the game! So, I decided that it was time to join up with someone else so that I could attempt to even slightly survive without constantly losing everything. This is the fun part of the game that I've been talking about on the other forum post. So I joined a tribe and things have been much better for my game play! The PvP server members should expect that there will be a transition from Alpha Tribe to Alpha Tribe. One month X will be Alpha and the next Y will be the Alpha tribe.

It sounds like there is a little bit of drama swirling around the expected gameplay of a PvP server. If you read back through the forum post you can see that someone was attacked, revenge was to attack, and then revenge from that attack was to mess up the base. I'd say that is simply just part of the game. If someone attacked me or whatever then I would have definitely attacked back in any form possible. Time to start small, build up, and go get them back! And it looks like this was happening... but it was taken personally instead of virtually. I'm new as well, but from what I can tell, it appears that things on the PvP were acting out as typical PvP, except we have taken it personal and tried to point fingers on the forums.

I'll say it again: If The Lord doesn't give us an opportunity to build our character then what kind of character would we have?

Do we need to enforce some rules? Perhaps. I think it would be ok to enforce the 'once you go to PvP there is no going back' since I can't see any harm. It is quite unfair to attack in PvP and then the person attacked can't go after their loot since the person is no longer there! Going after your loot is one of the fun challenges of the PvP environment. However, lets not let these circumstances be the cause of shutting down the PvP server.

If we need to drop this and everyone apologize then let's just do that and move on. Lets use this opportunity to build character. Maybe we can use this opportunity to help the game play by a few enforced rules. All in all, we could revise the original rules so help with this problem that we may or may not have seen coming. Then, it can't happen again and we can simply continue to play the game that we all love!

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Re: [Idea] What happens on PvP, stays on PvP... literally

Postby SAVAGE » August 14th, 2017, 9:58 am

Just a few facts.
Truth Bomb incoming.

When I first came here I asked what where the rules.
I was told don't build on the obi, don't build in caves. The standard stuff
But yet others can...ehh whatever. And when it came to combat I was told simply to...Burn them all.
Simple enough
I don't and wont feel bad about anything iv ever done here and I never will.
My name is SAVAGE<---its in my very name.

1st things first: I agree.

The servers should never have been linked. It was a disaster in the making.
I said this from the very first day I came here. Anyone that has ever done PvP knows this.
Server transfers have wiped out entire server clusters from the very 1st day it was implemented.
They work great for PvE linked servers. But they are the death of PvP servers.
You would ask then why would I use it.

Answer: Because you let me.

You want to fix it, have the courage to wipe the servers other then that there is no fix.
And then make is so no dino and item transfers can cross realm only players.
This way your preserve the integrity of both servers.

No action by any single tribe or person has brought you to where you are on this matter.
Its a overwhelming lack of experience in what Ark PvP is that has lead you to the place you are today.
Ark is a PvP game. Built from the ground up to be one.
Anything else is just the players choosing to try and make it something its not.
You can pretend this is not true for as long as you want, but in the end you will still be wrong.

PvP in Ark is and always has been about destroying your foes wrecking there stuff. All their stuff!
Anyway you can. End of story, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

PvP in Ark is not like getting wrecked in Alterac Vally in WOW and then getting to respawn with all your epic loot. Its not carebare fun time with unicorns and rainbows.
The developers themselves have said as much. I could go on but I don't think it would matter.

Other stuff
1st Someone higher up in the thread call out "Savage and his Ilk" really? Cast the 1st stone much?
By his Ilk I take it to mean my fellow tribe members. Their not here to defend themselves.
So keep our comments focused on me.

2nd <--And this should be 1st.
The other thread started out with a threat to ban me for making someone more angry then they have been in months. If this is true then as a Christian myself,id say you need to take a step back from gaming.
You may have become to invested in it. And it may be getting very close to idolatry for you.
Only you can answer this.
And I wont speak of it again, other then to say that they are just words on a page, about a artificial digital world. It has no real world meaning and should have no hold over you.

There is more to say, but i'm just to tired to type it. And its probably best i don't.


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Re: [Idea] What happens on PvP, stays on PvP... literally

Postby Cptn Merika » August 14th, 2017, 11:19 am

I want to go over a few things, that might have been misunderstood as part of CC Gaming's Forum Policies. This is to everyone in this thread, and those of you not in this thread but just reading. This is not targeted towards any one specific person.

Our forums are not a place to attack individuals verbally. It is not a place to call out others, it is not a place to be passive aggressive, and it is not a place to judge others. It is a place to effectively communicate about Christianity, games, serious discussions, and offer solutions. So far, in this thread, I have seen a lot of indirect attacks and passive aggressiveness. That is unacceptable, regardless of your rank, status, or who anyone is. If you cannot communicate properly on these forums due to being too emotionally compromised, I urge anyone to step away and calm down, or don't post.

Secondly, the meaning of these two Ark servers was to provide a good experience for all. Ensuring balance, the following of predetermined rules, and the ability to engage in competitive play while still ensuring we honor God through it all. IF that cannot happen, then the server will be shut down. I suggest that instead of engaging in hostile communication, you find a mediator to help with the situation and find a mutual decision that will benefit all. Ultimately, this is Grizz's division, and I trust that his judgement will be honored and respected in relation to the Ark servers.

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Re: [Idea] What happens on PvP, stays on PvP... literally

Postby NeoJabez » August 14th, 2017, 12:03 pm

Any more personal comments and I'll lock the thread. It's a game! Serve your brothers, be first in honoring each other, love each other as Christ loved us, shine your light around, don't tear each other down and make petty, judgemental statements you'll feel shame for later, OVER. A. GAME.

When you hang out in ANY Christian Crew server, venue, or web asset, we expect you to conform to our Mission. That mission states pretty unequivocally, that we are Christians First, and Gamers Second. I call out our MEMBERS first in this...because you are MEMBERS, and not visitors. If anyone should be aware of what CC stands for, I would think it would be you.

"Mission Statement"

We, the members of “The Christian Crew”, stand united in our effort to provide the online gaming community with a clean environment, of fellowship and exciting game play. Our members will conduct themselves with integrity and decency, reflecting true Christian Character, in order that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ might be honored and glorified. We are committed to the ministry and growth of our community for the Kingdom of God, presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the fundamental truth of God. Finally, we pledge to never forget that we are Christians first, and fellow gamers second.

*All emphasis mine.

I mean, really. If you can't do the above, you shouldn't even be here.

Again, I have to commend Preast, who has continued to post with ideas and thoughts, possibilities for honoring God, and basically respecting everyone by presenting ideas without getting personal. Let's all try and do that, shall we?

This pretty much said it all:
Preast wrote:If we need to drop this and everyone apologize then let's just do that and move on.

Everyone (or at least most people) has had their say. Please allow your Division Leader to consider all options and come to a final decision. I don't think he needs much more input, and certainly not the attacking kind. I apologize if I am coming across aggressive or those of you who don't know me wonder why I'm butting in on your business, but as a leader in this community, I will not stand idly by and watch OUR FORUMS become PVP, if you get my drift.
If serving is below you, leadership is beyond you. - Anonymous

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Re: [Idea] What happens on PvP, stays on PvP... literally

Postby Grizz Gallant » August 14th, 2017, 8:35 pm

I believe as a first step we will disable dino transfers from the PVP server. So when dinos are transferred over they will be trapped. That way at any rate dinos sent to PVP will be committed. It seems to be the consensus of calm minds. So that change will take effect when we get to it.
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