A Very ARKy Christmas!!!!

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A Very ARKy Christmas!!!!

Post by GingerAvenger » December 2nd, 2018, 10:02 am

As we approach the holidays, we thought Ark could use some serious decorating! Your bases... guys.... they're so DRAB!!! Have you no holiday spirit?! WE CAN FIX IT!!!!

There will be a base decorating contest with a delightful prize for the winner. The contest will be judged on December 23rd!

Here's what you need to do.
1. Put a RED storage box outside of your base (it's CHRISTMAS!!! Yes, it must be RED) and pin code it 1225.
2. Contact me either in game, in steam or on discord and let me know you have it out there and the GPS coords to your base.
3. I will come by and fill it when i'm on with TONS of Christmas decorations from previous events.
4. Decorate like crazy. If you run out of something, send me a message with how much more you think you'll need and I'll put it in that box.
5. Enjoy the season and we'll review all of the decorated bases and choose a winner.
6. Winner gets the prizes. Everyone else gets to keep their decorations! :thup:


PS. Keep those boxes out on Christmas Eve... SantaClaws just might visit... If you're good little survivors.

Let's have ourselves an Arky Little Christmas!

Have fun and don't die! :)
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