Think: The Church, The Truth & Women in Ministry

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Grizz Gallant
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Think: The Church, The Truth & Women in Ministry

Post by Grizz Gallant » July 20th, 2017, 10:49 am

It might be that I am just causing problems. But the idea that the Bible paints a view of women that is inferior to man keeps popping up in the forums, and it rubs me the wrong way. To let you know where I am coming from my particular denomination is Nazarene. As I compare Nazarene doctrine to other local churches I come to the conclusion we are quite liberal when it come to women in ministry. So I understand why you may disagree with me. But I believe that God can call women to serve Him in any all capacities including serving as a Pastor, and does in fact do so. This video is from that view point. I felt that I should share it with you.

Please remember to discuss it, if you choose to discuss it, in loving and caring way.
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Re: Think: The Church, The Truth & Women in Ministry

Post by NeoJabez » July 20th, 2017, 4:29 pm

This is excellent, Grizz! I really enjoyed this!

Being raised by a family of very strong, Southern women, I can tell you I have never understood why my Bible appears to put women down. But I think David in this video really addresses why this may be so.

I'm definitely going to try studying this very issue for myself more, thank you for the video, and no, you aren't causing trouble! God calls us to sit down and reason together.
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