Is it a sin to be drunk?

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Is it a sin to be drunk?

Post by joshthelegodude » July 28th, 2017, 9:02 pm

Continued from thread
I wanted to continue, partially because I've been misrepresented, and partially because I wanted to respond to some points.
Globalkaos wrote: Now your grabbing at things to make your view..
This is a big accusation to make. If you're claiming to know my heart, you need a good reason for it, and I haven't seen one.
Globalkaos wrote: To much eating/gaming/gambling/or as you bring up playing your playing your guitar??etc.. anything in excess can make us stumble. I know a guy that lost his wife/house/job/family.. for what.. hunting... He let his obsession with it take over every part of his life.
This is true, but it's also moving the goal posts. There's a difference between getting drunk and letting the desire to get drunk take over every part of your life. I'm don't think that it's on purpose, but it appears that you're conflating my defense of the former with a defense of the later.
Globalkaos wrote: God is saying giving a dying man a drink so you calm him here in his last moments.
Yes, that is what the first half of one of the verses. The three reasons given are impending death, bitter distress, and poverty. You can't just hand wave away two of them and say you don't care about my problems, just because they're 'minor' in your mind.
The Doctor wrote: This is a dangerous line of thinking, in my opinion. Yes, certain things can become sin if you let them dominate your life. But under this line of thinking, one might be able to justify things a little more on the fence, as long as it doesn't become a habit. Yes, I get that that isn't the point, but something to be cautious of nonetheless.
My point wasn't so much about them dominating your life, but a criticism of the idea that any mind altering is a sin. That's the line of thinking that gets people to take their kids off necessary anti-psychotics.

I get your desire to avoid even a drop, and I think that's a very culture dependent decision. There are ministries in my area that go into a brewery, getting a drink, and having bible studies with the other patrons. They reach people that won't step foot on church property. I wouldn't tell an AA member to go there, nor am I trying to sway your decision, but I do think we should understand that some of our moral framework is driven by the culture of where we are.

There's not much more I have to add, other than that the doctor and winged made some really good points.
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Re: Is it a sin to be drunk?

Post by Cptn Merika » July 28th, 2017, 9:11 pm

I have locked this thread since the subject at hand has become increasingly sensitive over the day. Please do not create any additional subtopics or sub-forums in regards to this topic for now.
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