It's that time again...

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It's that time again...

Post by Kratos » July 29th, 2017, 12:07 am

Every so often, in our community, we go through patterns of debates. Most debates are a great thing and are very helpful to educating and helping people understand other's perspective.

Some debates, though, are not healthy or helpful. People hurt other people's feelings, people say things they regret, and people allow their emotions to play far too high of a role in their decision making abilities.

That being said, everyone here needs to understand that we are a CHRISTIAN community that should be behaving like CHRISTIANS.

Context and tone are exceptionally difficult things, at times, to convey over the forum. Because of that, we should be giving each other the benefit of the doubt when debating until further confirmation has been given.

I am saddened to see the people in our community be so hasty to assume the other is being malicious or offensive. It's happening on both sides of almost every argument that has happened around here and it needs to simply, stop.

Most of us partaking in these discussions are adults, I expect we will start acting like it.

If you disagree with someone, express it without seeming aggressive or derogatory. Do it without questioning their salvation or their intentions. Have the discussion like a responsible, respectful adult or do not have the discussion.

There are plenty of topics I do not respond to because I'm not sure how well I can handle it. Gain some self-awareness and understand your own limits in an argument. If you can't separate your emotional argument with your logical argument, then do not have it.

Now...this does not mean your opinion won't be disagreed with. I can assure you, we have quite the diverse group of gamers and plenty of people will disagree with you on just about every topic. If you simply don't want to be disagreed with, I would suggest you not post, either.

All in all, here's the point. You all are responsible for your own actions. We've had quite a few disrespectful debates, lately. That isn't allowed. We will be respectful of each other, bottom line. I would like to encourage everyone, to do their best to be more self-aware of their actions, words, and general behavior and to do a better job monitoring how you are coming across in these debates. It makes you look bad, the opponent in the debate look bad, and the community, in general, look bad.
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Re: It's that time again...

Post by Tykur » July 29th, 2017, 10:00 pm

Well Said Josh!
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