Me and SJW

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Me and SJW

Post by Kurushii Drive » August 9th, 2017, 4:06 pm

No, the "me" in the title doesn't refer to myself specifically, but at times it does. At times I feel myself entering heated discussions just to show that I can objectively and properly respond. This is UNCHRISTIAN.

Check out Romans 12:3. By butting in just to look smart and gain a reputation, you are exalting yourself, and not God, even if what you say is in defense of God. Let's please keep this in mind whenever we discuss, whether here, at school, at work, on other online forums, or whatever.

In a nutshell: check yourself and your motives before joining a discussion.

This is a short post since it is only a reminder.


P.S. I used that derogatory "SJW" term here since that's the best way I can describe this behaviour. I am aware of its extremely negative connotations, don't worry ^.^
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