What's God's Will?

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What's God's Will?

Post by MrBear » February 27th, 2018, 7:29 pm

Hey! So I know I am "the new guy". But I am interested in getting to know you guys a little more, so I thought I'd throw out something that has been on my mind lately into the forums. I see that a similar discussion was made last September, but I thought I had a slightly different angle.

I have been married for almost two years now, and both my wife and I have been working full time, and serving full time from the day we met. As of the 1st of the year we began phasing out of a lot of responsibilities that we felt called to stay within in prior. So as a result we are in a position where we are asking what I believe to be a very healthy question.

What does God want us to do moving forward? Or what is God's will for us?

If I had my way, and for that matter had the guts... I would pursue serving in a community full time. One of the most joyous responsibilities I've ever had was to lead worship for our congregation. While it was never easy filtering through the wants and desires of 100 people, it was something that I had a great deal of joy for in this life. I also know my wife would want to quit her job and pursue writing full time.

Yet here we are, walking away from serving full time, and continuing to pursue our jobs and school full time. Do we need to move to a better location? Am I in the right career path if it's something I am good at, but not fully obtaining enjoyment from? It's a difficult question. But after waiting for a couple years for a change, and, waiting for God to move in our lives, this is what I've decided.

God doesn't care. Now before "the new guy" is banned, here me out. I think we can all agree that God cares, and loves us beyond our comprehension. But I do believe in free will, and while I don't necessarily think that God isn't concerned about what we are doing 5 years from now, I do think He is far more concerned with what we are doing today. How am I glorifying God today? How am I choosing Him today? The answer I make, every day that leads up to that 5 years, will determine a lot.

While there is a lot of content I can pursue with these statements, I would like to leave with a couple questions. I believe at the end of the day that God's way's are much higher than my own, and what I need to be concerned with is how I will serve Him TODAY. The Lord will provide.

What do you do to help ease your fears and doubts? I work in a high stress job, and it's hard not to wonder if where I am is a mistake. What helps you keep your eyes on what truly matters, as opposed to what the world pushes on us?

Isaiah 55:8-9
8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord.
9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.
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Re: What's God's Will?

Post by Grizz Gallant » February 28th, 2018, 6:26 am

So if I am understanding your post what you are really looking for is our answer to these two questions.

1. What do you do to help ease your fears and doubts?

When it comes to fear and doubts I pray. I know that is kind of a basic automatic Christiany kind of response, but it also true. I pray and then pray some more. I ask God to forgive me because if I am afraid that usually means I am doubting God in some way. If it is something that can be studied about I seek answers as I pray about it. If it something that has to do with a decision I pray for wisdom and discernment. I pray that God would open doors that should be opened and close doors that I ought not pass through. I pray that I will know when to be patient and when to act.

2. What helps you keep your eyes on what truly matters, as opposed to what the world pushes on us?

I try to remember that I am not meant to be the star of the movie of my own life. My life ought not to be about me. God is the center. He is the star. I am meant to be a sign post that points to Him. I have found that it is not usually “the world” that is really pushing things on us. The world is full of people who are the center, the focus of their own lives. The really problem is when we are doing the same. We are here to bring glory to God, not ourselves. I have found that there is a great deal of peace that comes from putting God first. When I am successfully doing that I am much more at peace in my heart. Conversely, when I am not I lack that peace.
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Re: What's God's Will?

Post by Canley » March 1st, 2018, 7:23 am

Hey MrBear,

It’s sometimes very tough to have clarity about God’s direction.

I try to follow a few guides:
- is there a right and wrong involved? What’s the most ethical / Godly choice? What values are involved?
I absolutely believe God does care about what we do with our lives, and that much of it is to do with goodness. So - working for Coke vs working for a charity, perhaps. *Although* ... that’s over simplified as you may just be able to do a lot of good at Coke... but the guide is Christian ethics.

- if issues of right and wrong (or best good) are not at stake, then go and play. Essentially, feel free to do whatever is Godly - but there are a squillion ways of expressing Godliness. So go for it. In that sense - whatever your hand finds to do.

Those choices for me led me away from physics and IT into youthwork as an urban missionary. The moral choice became clear as I knew there were strong needs, and knew I had the capacity to help - compared to heading down a path that would have been more self-serving.

Sometimes - we don’t necessarily have enough insight or data to tell what is right and wrong. Life is complicated. God still cares, but knowing his will in those situations can be very difficult.

I only partly agree about the doors opening and closing - there is the passage about the widow and the unjust judge, and the sense of continually “asking, seeking, knocking”. Sometimes God will quickly open a door. Sometimes, like Hannah, we may need to persist with a closed door for a long time - and that can be very tough.

My 2 cents anyway :)


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Re: What's God's Will?

Post by MrBear » March 6th, 2018, 2:59 pm

Agreed to both. Life is a wild ride for everyone, but God will always make a way.

You brought me to the desert so You could be my water
You brought me to the fire so You could be my shield
You brought me to the darkness so You could be my morning light
If You brought me this far, if You brought me this far

Wherever you lead me, I know you won’t leave me
Wherever you call me, You will make a way
Wherever we’re going, I will be holding
To the promise you have made
You will make a way
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