Outdated Parts of the Bible?

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Outdated Parts of the Bible?

Post by Eliter » June 30th, 2018, 12:06 am

I don't like to read books, I'll be honest. I'm more of a person that likes a few paragraphs, or might read a few pages if I'm interested, but I usually don't commit to an entire book.

When I actually do take the time to read the Bible, it just seems tedious sometimes because it's like "what the heck am I getting out of this? This doesn't feel like it applies to my life." It's not that I don't disagree, it's just, ya know.

Then there are parts that just nail it, I get it and it applies deep into my soul.

But what really confuses me is the parts that just seem super old and outdated in the Bible.

Now, I know, for many years, people have been getting very creative on how to make God "the thing of the past", "people still believe that crap?", "outdated facts", "there is new evidence that disproves". You've got the Greeks with their gods, you've got Buddhism and Hinduism. "Science" isn't a new thing to make God irrelevant and an "old technology that needs to be thrown out because it's too slow" or something.

The parts I'm talking about are the parts where it tells us to do some sort of sacrifice of animals, and dealing with farming and blood, and stuff. I don't have any lambs, so I can't offer any.

I can't imagine any farmer killing their animals for God. I honesty don't know how that would help anyone or be healthy to do. I understand ya know giving time to God daily, setting aside wants for worship; I see how sacrificing that 10% puts towards church, but I don't understand what the purpose is of just taking some animal and killing it and leaving it there would please God.

I do understand when people fast though. I've seen people fast of things like Facebook, and it seems to be like a pretty good idea. I don't know about you, but I find myself approaching God's level with other idles, then I have to realign myself.

I love listening to Christian music, I just don't like to read many times. I try to think about the words, and I think it's a pretty spiritual experience.
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Re: Outdated Parts of the Bible?

Post by The Doctor » June 30th, 2018, 9:20 am

Eliter, you are right in the fact that there are parts of the Bible that feel outdated, because in a way, they are. All of the Old Covenant could be considered a part of this. The main reason for this is that we are no longer under Mosaic law, but instead under the New Covenant.

When Christ payed the price for our sins, He brought the New Covenant to the world. This covenant was not focused on the many rituals, sacrifices, and holy days of the Old Covenant, but instead on the relationship with God. That means that all those rituals and holy days have been "dated" for about 2000 years.

That does not, however, mean we cannotlearnfrom the Old Covenant.

We can use the Old Covenant to understand more of God's nature, and also to better understand parts of the New Covenant. Since you gave an example of sacrificing, I'll focus on that.

In the Old testament, there were various uses for sacrifices, all of which were to either strengthen or reestablish connection to the Lord. Whether this be through a first fruits sacrifice, signifying their trust in Him to see the nation through despite the loss of crops, or a sin offering, which showed their repentance due to the offerer being willing to give up something of their own that had value.

But beyond that, the sacrifices were laid out as a way to protect the priests. As seen in Leviticus 6, the priests would partake in the sacrifice, eating what was not set aside to be burned for the Lord. This was necessary because, as Levites, they would not be making their own coin, raising livestock, or growing their own food. They had to rely on the other Israelites to so much as eat. God, knowing that without certain rules the Levites would be ignored and starved, set used sacrifice to give them basic needs. God's nature shines through here, that he will provide for those who do His work for them.

Sacrifice also gives us a more full picture of the Crucifixion. Christ was the ultimate sacrifice, so much more valuable than any one lamb or goat or bull. Just like a sin offering of the Old Covenant, Christ's death was atonement to God for us.

But beyond all that, the Old Covenant served a purpose far grander, and that was to make the way for Christ. To keep the nation of Israel close enough to God that He could work the greatest miracle of all time through them. The entire Bible points back to Jesus, and that includes everything we see today as outdated.
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Re: Outdated Parts of the Bible?

Post by Winston » July 4th, 2018, 8:44 pm

Hello Eliter, I'm new here so please forgive my noobness.

It is good to be honest, even if you think it may make you look bad. For it better to look like a fool for speaking the truth than exalted for telling a lie.

From everything I know (keeping in mind I am only a man), nothing has changed from the old laws, only amended. The Doctor points out a very important part of the reason for sacrifices, but the same holds true to this day. Which is providing for the poor and the needy. That being said, God has always valued obedience over sacrifice. Which may come in another form.

I'd like to turn to another law in the old testament that deals with the foods we eat. Here in western culture, we're made to believe that we, Americans, are living to the ripe old age of 78.74 years (So says Google). This seems quite far from the age God declared for man after the flood.

If you look at third world countries, excluding incidences of war and famine, it is normal to see someone live to be over 100 years old. In America, if someone lives to be 100, we celebrate it by putting their face on the side of a Smucker's jar. Could it be the foods that we eat?

Just think of the most popular pizza toppings, the most popular sea foods. Catfish, pork, and shrimp. All are scavengers, and all are still bad for you. Jesus didn't change that.

If you care for me to elaborate on anything else, just ask. Whatever you do, please don't waste your time trying to find things in the bible to be proven wrong. Praying before, during, and after reading the bible always helps me. Sometimes it takes days to understand what you've read, sometimes the answer never comes. It could be that God doesn't feel you're ready to understand it. That doesn't mean it's not true.
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