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& God Rested

Posted: July 6th, 2018, 10:11 am
by Winston
I'd like to share something that made me laugh as I stared at my keyboard in prayer, asking God to show me how to multiple matrices for 3d transformations, or something of that nature.

Looking down at your keyboard, check out the number 7 key (not the numpad). The symbol is the ampersand. While looking at the symbol, think of how God rested on the seventh day of creation. What does it look like? Doesn't it resemble a resting stick man?

Re: & God Rested

Posted: July 6th, 2018, 4:33 pm
by Globalkoas
I'm just a man and an imperfect one at that.. and who am I to say how God grabs us, but you might be over thinking this one.. just say'n..


Re: & God Rested

Posted: July 6th, 2018, 9:45 pm
by Kesarahk
I'm not comfortable with that line of thinking because it insists on taking extra-biblical information, coincidences, and incidents and giving them a significance rivaling that of special revelation.

Specifically where I've encountered it before is in the book "Finally the Bride: Finding Hope While Waiting" by Cheryl McKay. She and likeminded people insist on structuring their lives around modern "prophesies" directed at them, i.e. "You will get married within the next five years." They then spend the next five years with their focus in the wrong place, putting great emphasis on "confirmation incidents" no less silly that overthinking a keyboard layout, and making foolish decisions that could have been avoided with some common sense.

The most extreme examples: certain digits in a guy's number (indicating that he was "supposed" to call her -- hint: it was a disaster), license plate numbers, name tags next to each other on a store rack. Why not play with Tarot cards while you're at it.

The above attitude is an unhealthy alternative to being content with serving God by reading your Bible, seeking wise counsel, and making responsible decisions as best you can whether He does what you want or not, knowing that He does love you and that His decisions are best.

Re: & God Rested

Posted: July 7th, 2018, 2:50 am
by Winston
@Kesarahk, I agree with 100% with the fact that tarot cards, horoscopes, ect aren't mediums for God's will. I didn't mean to imply that I was basing my life around the arrangement of a few keys on the keyboard, and I guess I may have made the post a little more complicated than I meant it to be.

I often times pray to God about stupid things. I program for fun because I see God as being the ultimate programmer. It brings me more joy than video games, but sometimes I find myself stuck and start to lose interest. This was one of those times. God could have very well been telling me to rest, but this made me laugh, and sparked an interest in learning more about the symbols we use and they're different uses throughout history.

Because God gives me peace with all other aspects of life, I don't really have anything dramatic to pray about, but that doesn't stop me from striking up conversations with Him, and He lets me know he's listening.

Re: & God Rested

Posted: November 2nd, 2018, 6:52 pm
by Zhies

I'm just wondering, how many hours were you coding straight before you saw that little stick figure resting on your keyboard? I saw a lot things after my longest 36-hour stretch of coding! :)

As a fellow programmer, I never noticed the "resting stickman" sitting next to the number 7 on my keyboard. That is quite a perspective! :thup:

Rest and Prayer

I once heard a preacher mention how rest was so important to God that he made it one of the ten commandments. There isn't even a commandment in the main ten to pray. So the preacher went on to say that "rest" is more holy than "prayer." I thought that was a very interesting perspective. How many times do we get into issues, because we jump right in and say or do something that we later regret? Delaying responding and giving ourselves time to reflect on how we should act is not only a good idea - it's a quality of godly character.

Rest is so important that God commanded one of the days as a day of "rest". While there is some confusion and debate among Christians on what day to go to church, that isn't even the point of the Sabbath. The Sabbath has everything to do with resting from labor and reflecting on God. As I'm not advocating one day over the other - I'll leave the debate to people with more concern on those details - I've made it a point to make rest a priority for my spiritual walk with Christ. If you're so busy for God always doing stuff for Him, then you're like Martha missing out on the "good thing" that Mary knew to enjoy. This included rest from hard work and fellowship with Jesus. This can be done a variety of ways including prayer and reflection.

So while I thought the preachers comments were interesting, I would argue that they are actually one in the same. True prayer is in the presence of God and it cannot be anything other than a place of peace and rest. How else could General George Washington pray so fervently in the harsh winter at Valley Forge that as his subordinates said - "the snow melt beneath his knees." Prayer isn't about infliction and making yourself feel guilty. It's about accepting God's forgiveness and acceptance, and resting in the fact that Jesus has carried all of our burdens to the cross.