Tuesday Prayer Nov 14 2017

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Tuesday Prayer Nov 14 2017

Post by ShaddaShk » November 14th, 2017, 9:48 pm

Dodge: Coworker had tree branch fell on them
Shadda: General health
Kes: work drama and issues
Flo: prayer request: prayers for my work stability, to establish communication with my father (havent been for a few weeks now), unspoken requests and praises
Sprinkle: survived staying awake for 48 hours
HT: Continued prayer for my daughter's well-being and safe road everyweekday going to school
Mario: Prayers for study tomorrow, severe pain today. Praise, parents are recovering well.
Stoneheld: father admitted to the ICU for congenative heart failure
FutronBob: My health has been terrible all year long. I thought I was improving, but over the last couple weeks I've been having some really bad stomach problems. It's always a lot worse in the mornings, and the last couple days I've barely kept any food down...
Football: ER visit!
Scribe: Unspoken
Amroth: prayer for a personal struggle I have been dealing with for the last long while
Tigersky: step-dad in hospital for pneumonia. Prayers for self, tiredness
Cptn Merika: I was in a car accident tonight, truck is all messed up.....prayers for that please
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Re: Tuesday Prayer Nov 14 2017

Post by Zidane » November 15th, 2017, 12:16 pm

It's been a while since I even came on the server now. I just been going through depression and I dind't want to come online to basically throw self-pity party like bullies would say i am. I want y'all to pray for me for my depression. Its getting worse where I don't feel like I matter anymore. So I don't how many of y'all member me or even miss me, but I'm here alive...somewhat. Just pray for me.
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Re: Tuesday Prayer Nov 14 2017

Post by Kesarahk » November 15th, 2017, 2:44 pm

Update as of 10am today: the issue I had to report has been resolved in my favor (and, more importantly, in favor of everyone else who might have been vulnerable). There may be a few people mad at me -- that remains to be seen -- but I don't care.

Thank you all for your prayers.
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