Tuesday Prayer Dec 12 2017

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Tuesday Prayer Dec 12 2017

Post by ShaddaShk » December 12th, 2017, 9:30 pm

Dodge - chores
Football -unspoken
Shadda - praise for baby's health
Sprinkles - praise, new car. Prayer that engine light is minor repair
FutronBob - Been having a ton of health issues lately, was in the ER last week and had an endoscopy yesterday. Also dealing with a lot of anxiety and depression from everything that's been going on this year. Also my grandma died night before last, so prayer request for my family

Winged Family
Wash - health
H_T - fractured lower leg, on crutchs
I will be taking a break from live streaming my church services for 2 months because I feel burnt out. My local church is called Inglewood Southside Christian Church. At the end of two months, I'll consider whether or not I will continue with the live streaming for my church
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