Tuesday Prayer Tue Dec 19 2017

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Tuesday Prayer Tue Dec 19 2017

Post by ShaddaShk » December 19th, 2017, 9:27 pm

Dodge - work stuff
Shadda - Praise, things going well. Pray for people with the upcoming holidays
Sprinkles - brother came home last night with several injuries becuz he was sitting on his friend's car and his friend decided to move it
FutronBob - stomach, results about the test tomorrow. Prayers for stomach issues to be resolved
cappi - Real quick I have a prayer request and a praise! Praise: My sister is getting married, and prayer: For myself I Don't adjust to changes very well and it is hard for me to understand what is going on so I am quite reprehensive about what is going on.

Zidane - the same for me, my depression is getting worse and i start to feel so messed up

Kesa - manager falling asleep while driving

Neo - Prayers for my son and his fiance, they will be married on December 28. Prayers for myself and my mom, we are driving up to Georgia from Florida for Christmas and for the wedding, and then returning. Safe travels and all that.

Prayer for a friend's girlfriend named Danielle who is dealing with a bit of infection from a surgical wound.

Prayers for a friend who is going through custody proceedings for his child. (The mom is not a very good provider, it seems.)

Stay safe during the Holidays everyone!
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Re: Tuesday Prayer Tue Dec 19 2017

Post by NeoJabez » December 19th, 2017, 9:50 pm

Thank you guys! I actually meant to stop in, if possible, but I've got quite a bit going on before we leave for Georgia!
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