Tuesday Prayer January 30 2018

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Tuesday Prayer January 30 2018

Post by Kesarahk » January 30th, 2018, 9:36 pm

30 Jan '18, Tue-

x-"TCL_Cory": My mom's friend Karen for strength and healing of her ms condition in her legs, as well as grant the doctors the wisdom and knowledge to fix the problem. Also I would ask to say a prayer to take away my anxiety it is making it very difficult for me today. I also like to pray for my friend Cassandra that is finding the end of her rope and I feel she is look in for salvation.

x-Winged Clan: prayers for working through the aftermath of Winged Grandmother passing. Also that Scribe survives Thursday's study.

x-Dodge: that work stuff would go well while he's on vacation

x-"Cappiman": Prayers for family issues, and my grandmother and my Aunt for healing. Oh and I am possibly getting a new job at Lowes. (That's part of the story)

x-Sprinkles: two more double (16) shifts.

x-sug: grace

x-Kesa: good attitude at work, faith in action.
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