Tuesday Prayer February 6 2018

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Tuesday Prayer February 6 2018

Post by Kesarahk » February 6th, 2018, 10:10 pm

6 February '18, Tue-

x-Winged Clan: in wake of Winged Grandmother's death. Memorial service on Saturday (the 10th).

x-Football: oral surgery still pending.

x-cappi: that I can still do good work at my workplace. First perfect Mystery Shopper score. =) Lowe's interview still on hold. Flu recovery. Rocky family situation.

x-from a member: prayer request for a friend who recently lost a family member.

x-HT: I received a phone call from the doctor today, that even though my fractured tibia's healed well (praised be!), my knee has now a been diagnosed with a broken anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Your prayers for fast recovery and a possibility of not needing a surgery on it will be most important. Thank you all!

x-Sprinkles: Praise! one year ago I got baptized!

x-Cory: for strength, wisdom and courage. Appointment with doctor for back pain.

x-this community that can have a "rocking good time"

x-Ela's internet.

"mario": Peace and faith despite turmoil.
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