Tuesday Prayer February 13 2018

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Tuesday Prayer February 13 2018

Post by Kesarahk » February 13th, 2018, 10:33 pm

x-Scribe: company is laying people off. Four from Scribe's store; all friends. ALL of the staff traumatized. Most of these affected not Christians. Pray for the four co-workers trying to get re-situated, and that Scribe can be a witness to everyone affected.

x-Flo [Fl0ofy]": prayers for steady work, patience in life and goals, and my health

x-ProdigalCB: need a heart transplant.

x-CCbandit's friend, stage 4 liver cancer. Not pursuing treatment.

x-Football: dental surgery consultation tomorrow.

x-"bigtrainfan/FutronBob": Praise: Overall my health continues to improve on my gluten and dairy free diet. The migraines and stomach spasms keep getting weaker and weaker every day, so prayers that I keep going in this direction. Also, my IRL Bible study group is going through a transition since our leaders are moving at the end of the month, so prayers that God leads us down a path where we can learn more about Him.

x-Ɛ(H__T)3": Cont. prayer for the healing for my leg and strength to do everything I can to rehabilitate it as well as I can.

x-Cory: back's doing well. Dealing with distractions. Friend Ruth asking questions about salvation; wisdom to witness. Courage and healing for the community, especially those who can't openly make requests.

x-cappi: workplace robbed earlier today. Praise that no one was hurt. Looking for new job.

x-"canadiandrums": I have an ongoing lung disease. I'm healthy now but pray that my good health continues

x-"Kesarahk": my coworker Mary. He 90-year mother is in the hospital and is not expected to survive.

x-"Ela <A>": pray for my youth cente and lots of my volunteers are vacationing... so its keeping me busy for sure.

-Scribe's friend Grace: caught something on a mission trip to China. Doctors unable to determine what. Still dealing with it.
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