Tuesday Prayer February 20 2018

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Tuesday Prayer February 20 2018

Post by Dodge » February 20th, 2018, 9:50 pm

Prayer and Praises:

- prayer: grandmother admitted to hospital over heart issues
- praise: the MRI is over and done with
- prayer: still feeling a little shaken up
Winged Scribe:
- prayer: dodge being more diligent coming to prayer meetings
- prayer: aunt's father-inlaw passed recently, along with a favorite dog
- prayer: other aunt's dad in hospital
- prayer: layoffs at Barnes and Noble
- prayer: for people around him to draw close to God
- prayer: marriage communication
- prayer: marriage communication
- prayer: can't do everything she wants to do
- prayer: pulled back earlier, might be bad
- prayer: unspoken
- praise: got a new position at work
- prayer: understanding my wife at difficult moments with calm and patient mind
- prayer: kick in the the bum about reading scripture and putting god first and thru out the day instead of percrasinating till the end
- prayer: going to the lord instead of trying to do it myself
- prayer: for health: ive notice my memory and my hearing has begun to gotten weaker ill be making an appointment tommorow.
- praise: about to get dentures
- prayer: job search
word count: 190

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