Tuesday Prayer February 27 2018

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Tuesday Prayer February 27 2018

Post by Kesarahk » February 28th, 2018, 1:17 am

x-"[Dodge] Dodge": praise: things are going well at work

x-Football: dentist stuff

x-cappi: patience for me during this week.

x-Kesa: praise; less back pain than ever after last week's fall =D

x-Flo [Fl0ofy]": prayers: to find a new job soon

x-FutronBob: study leaders leaving the state soon. Pray for safe move, and for new leads for Bob's study group.

x-"SprinklesMiner": praise : i started my new job position today

x-LillyRose: Prayers for stress and not being short tempered

x-Ongurth: job situation and leg injuries

x-Winged clan: loss of family member, multiple situations folded under that

I forgot to ask if anyone wanted their requests off record. Too late now.
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