Designing a Store

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Designing a Store

Post by Eliter » June 13th, 2018, 4:34 pm

It's been a long time since I've posted on this forum. How's everyone doing?

Why/who is it for:
Spoiler! :
So recently, with my Cyber Patriots (a high school cyber security thing), I've tried getting some discussions on raising money for the team. Since we've got so few people on the team, the instructors, school administration aren't really wanting to go through the time or red tape to get anything going. After talking for a few hours, I had an idea and they told me I could do it, as long as the school, team, district and JROTC names and logos weren't a part of it. So I made everything look like it was for-profit, and it was a dude making a few bucks online.
The way to raise money, while still keeping the needed volunteer quantity down, I decided it'd be best to sell I.T. jokes on Teespring ( store that makes it easy and free to slap designs on clothes and mugs and make money).

I used Inkscape (Linux free stuff, woo hoo!) to draw about 4-5 designs, and uploaded about 3 of them. I didn't really care about the pricing, so I went with the default pricing model they suggest. I also created a YouTube video for an advertisement and paid Google about $1/day for $0.02/view (a view is when someone doesn't skip the ad and sits through it for 30 seconds or more) (I only pay for views, I don't pay for clicks or ads skipped before 30 seconds).

So I'm kinda having issues with people doing what I want after they watch the ad for =< 30 seconds; I only have gotten 2-3 singular clicks on the ads, so I'm having issues with the marketing/presentation, I'm not sure. A few parts could be going wrong--the video, Google Adwords campaign settings, the website (but only 2-3 people have seen it), the pricing (again, only 2-3 have seen), joke quality, etc..

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with the video, because I think that might be the culprit. I'm hoping I can share the video on this forum after I get permission.


Note for staff: may I include links to my videos and website? Pretty sure you want to see it first, so P.M. please so we can talk.
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