Meeting Minutes 8/05/2017

Minutes from Christian Crew Meetings
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Meeting Minutes 8/05/2017

Post by Globalkoas » August 5th, 2017, 8:56 pm

August 5th, 2017 Meeting
Kingsteve,Global,Joshfitz08,Ginger,Dodge,Ffootballl,Shadda'Shk,cappiman,ccbandit,Crosser,Grid21,The Doctor, Cpax11,Lynix,NeoJabez and Winged(late.. 1 demerit)

Prayers lead by Shadda:
Grid - friendship and life in general
Doctor - unspoken
CPAX - school
Joshfitz - remember Nemises and his family and CC family

1. Cpax asked about movie nights. No problem with having these. Need someone to step up and run this type of thing. Elvis used "rabbit".. Grid mentioned "movie capture" .. More to come about this.
Cpax asked about donations. We have $472.93 USD right now in paypal.. All bills paid. Next thing going out will be server rental Sept 4th. Website bill will due Oct. $120 ish for the yr. We like to keep a 6 month cushion in paypal so not to have 11th hr push for funds. Donate if you can or want. Not a must do what the heart wants!!
Cpax asked about Bible Studies. Kind/different times/etc. Need to talk to Winged/Ongruth/Fedora about this..

2. Dodge event nights and lack of nights. Amroth talking about days and how to get word out. Global brought up Calendar app.php/page/ccgaming-calendar
this what we had Neo set this up for. Might have to make calendar more visible. DL's /Event Cord's need to keep in contact to keep nights free. More discussion as things come up.

3. Doctor brought up Tigers post about Christian music playlist. Neo talked about one person posting everything on the CC youtube channel. Everyone would funnel thru this person/s.

Closed part:
talked with DL's/Event Cord/Amroth about community things involving them..
Crosser addressed cm's present with a concern of his..
talked about cm side stuff.. blah blah

recording of open meeting..
word count: 291

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