Meeting Minutes 09/30/2017

Minutes from Christian Crew Meetings
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Meeting Minutes 09/30/2017

Post by NeoJabez » September 30th, 2017, 7:18 pm

Minutes by:

CC Meeting: Saturday, September 30, 2017

Attendees: Cpt-Suicide, Globalkoas, Goatman, NeoJabez, Dragonfire20, Ffootballl, Grizz Gallant, ShaddaShk, DrDanielRigney, Grid21, Kesarahk, TheDoctor, Donut, MJCaboose, AJMan

Prayer Requests/Praises: Goatman - Prayer for a job offer ending with a good decision, continued prayers for the friend group who lost one of their member to suicide recently, Grid21 - prayers for an uncoming eye exam, also for job possibilities for the future, AJMan's friend Lior in Israel has been asking a lot of questions about God lately, and we pray that his Salvation is imminent! Joshfitz and his wife Rachel, she had false labor, prayers for them and the baby, (they were in the ER over this).


1) Ffootballl wanted to remind everyone that we now have an official PUBG Division Game Night on Mondays at 7pm CST. viewtopic.php?f=153&t=23455 Also, a Rocket League tournament is planned for the 2nd week of October.

2) Neo asked what people would like to see added to our website, forums, or other assets. Would people like to help create content? There are a few small jobs (grunt work) here and there, leadership would love to know who would like to help in the event we ask. (There was the sound of crickets in a large room, echoing feverishly.)


1) Suicide fired all staff below Council. Just kidding, he just told them they would now be called "pawns" and then he asked Ffootballl to move to square D4 to begin his "Queen's Gambit" opening.

Okay, just kidding again. We talked about Divisions. Cpt Suicide has some ideas about streamlining our Divisions and making them work even better for the community.

2) GingerAvenger showed up, finally. We all gave a collective sigh. (No, seriously, she smelled like chocolate-chipped pumpkin muffins.)

3) KingSteve appeared randomly, like Bigfoot, we even have blurry video proof. (Okay, no we don't.)

Ffootballl's Recording:

word count: 321
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