Meeting Minutes 05/25/19

Minutes from Christian Crew Meetings
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Meeting Minutes 05/25/19

Post by NeoJabez » May 25th, 2019, 8:05 pm

Attendees: Amroth, Ben, Global, Kesarahk, Mario, Megs, NeoJ, Predator Chair, Robzor, The Doctor, Toondogjoe, SilverHoudini, SkyeRangerDelta, WingedScribe

Prayers/Praises: Megs - Not feeling too hot, Kesa - Praise for sis's job. Skye got a new job, too!


1) Skye checks the FishSticks github page, so if you have thoughts, he'd love to have the input... If you don't want to sign up for a github account to give input, you can forward your thoughts to Kesarahk, NeoJ, or Skye, and he'll get them listed. Skye doesn't give ETAs. Neo Edit: 1) Skye is a busy person who does FS stuff on a volunteer basis. 2) Skye ain't on your schedule, deal with it.

2) There was a discussion about freezing new registrations to the forums since most new registrations or posts are made by spam adbots, rather than people. We can always unfreeze for individuals.This looks like the most viable option at the moment.


1) Can we send all of our website forms (join, ban appeals, etc) to a channel on Discord? Skye and Neo are going to be getting together and discussing webhooks, sql GETs and POSTs and other cool stuff.

2) Tech Support as an administrative group within CC has been disbanded. Essentially, all of the assets that Tech Support pretty much handled are pretty much not really around anymore, or are handled through already in-place infrastructure.

3) Other stuff probably happened and I got lazy and forgot to add it. Anything is possible.

RocketChair's Recording:
word count: 263
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Re: Meeting Minutes 05/25/19

Post by Dragonfire20 » May 27th, 2019, 8:40 pm

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