Meeting Minutes 10/13/18

Minutes from Christian Crew Meetings
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Meeting Minutes 10/13/18

Post by NeoJabez » October 13th, 2018, 7:55 pm

Attendees: Amroth, BeanKing, cappiman, ccbandit, corilus763, Dodge, FutronBob, Goatman, Global, Kesarahk, Kratos, Maverick, NeoJabez, Ongurth, RocketChair, SprinklesMiner, Seanthegamer, ShaddaShk, SkyeRangerDelta, TheDoctor, TigerSky100, WingedScribe

Prayers/Praises: Seanthegamer - Medical stuff. BeanKing - for someone who has cancer. Anonymous - Unspoken prayers for issues weighing on their heart.


1) An @ for Drawpile people? We think this might be counter-intuitive since we have few people who Drawpile, and new people wouldn't know about drawpile sessions if they don't already have the @.

2) Shadda is considering doing some mobile gaming videos and has a thread on our forums, wondering how people feel about us adding these to CC's Youtube, etc.

3) We talked about several things, and unfortunately, I forgot to list pretty much everything, so, sorry...but moderating and taking minutes is hard. heh

4) As usual, Neo told everyone that our community is only as vital as its participants. If you are here to game, that's totally cool. But if you have talents or would love to contribute content or anything like that, approach our leadership, and let's talk.


1) We talked shortly about Division stuff. Just events schedules, and similar.

2) Ongurth showed up. He did NOT bring any doughnuts. Global showed up. He did NOT bring pizza.

RocketChair's Recording:

word count: 225
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