Meeting Minutes 10/27/18

Minutes from Christian Crew Meetings
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Meeting Minutes 10/27/18

Post by NeoJabez » October 27th, 2018, 9:22 pm

Apologies, but the Attendance List for this meeting was lost.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience as the meeting got rolling a little late. Props to Dodge for keeping things moving well.

Prayers/Praises: Bob - Praise: slept well last night. Prayers that continues. Grizz - Praise: My boss thinks I am doing a good job.

1) We are going to be asking for "Open Meeting Business" less and less from now on. If you'd like your topic added to the meeting, please see that week's Pre-Meeting Discussion thread on the forums.

2) Ffootballl - We're having a RL tournament! Friday, November 9th 8pm EST! (Signup by Thursday, November 8th 8pm EST!)

3) There were some questions about our Steam Group and how it's used.

Suggestions raised included "make sure all the information is relevant and current, make it clear we use Discord if people want to get more involved in CC", "does it present well to first time viewers?"

4) Skye took a few moments to let everyone know the status of Fishsticks Update 15, and some of what to expect.

Jump on the hype train, some of the bleeding edge developments could include:
  • Optimized music player functions.
  • A !vouch command so people can help new folks bump up to Recognized status quicker,
  • more passive (fun) commands, including Chapter/Verse commands for Bible Studies!
The Fishsticks Update & Changelog Thread: viewtopic.php?f=144&t=24472&p=202019#p202019

5) Raider mentioned an event night for Alien Swarm. Please see:

Top-down, co-op shooter with 8 players.


Neo eventually got his mic working again.

1) There was some brief discussion on possibly changing a couple of Staff related channels on Discord, but rather than remove or rearrange, the purposes of each channel became better defined. (Just trying to cut down on confusion.)

2) There was a pretty large discussion about some topics the Council will be continuing to talk about on an ongoing basis, so no reason to list anything here now as nothing major has been decided or listed yet. Just some community development changes and ideas.

3) There was a long overdue staff prune. Certain individuals who were active staff years ago, but haven't been seen in a while, have been removed from Staff Groups and restored to Member Groups instead. Just keeping things tidy.

RocketChair's Recording:

word count: 401
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