Meeting Minutes 03/23/19

Minutes from Christian Crew Meetings
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Council Operations
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Meeting Minutes 03/23/19

Post by NeoJabez » March 23rd, 2019, 7:39 pm

Attendees: RocketChair, Cal Hobbes, Dodge, EaglesWings, Goatman, NeoJabez, seanthegamer, The Doctor, Toondogjoe, SkyeRangerDelta, SilverHoudini, Amosathar, SprinklesMiner, FutronBob, Fallen Leaves, Global,

Prayers/Praises: SkyeRanger - 1. That this calc test will not murder me on Thursday
2. That the job search I've begun yields a job this time, Dodge - Crazy things happening in life right now, FutronBob - Prayers for headaches, SprinklesMiner - Praise: God's wonderful and all perfect plan and timing, NeoJ - Son's mom in hospital. seanthegamer - prayers for flooding in Nebraska, Unnamed member - lost a family member, prayers for peace


1) Please check out Shadda's new "Shadda Plays Series":

2) Kesa - Reminded our community how to protect themselves by not allowing Discord DMs from server-wide users. (Not on friends.)

3) Goatman - Pointed out that new joins on our Discord join a channel most people can't see and we 'vouch' for them as quickly as we get to know them. If you know someone has joined, but don't see them in active channels, let leaders know and they'll get them vouched posthaste.

4) FutronBob will host Movie Night this Monday the 25th at 7pm Pst/10pm Est. The movie will be the original Tron.

5) @Creative people: Drawpile just updated, if you want to draw collaboratively, you have to have the new version.

Our server is located at


1) Kratos showed up! The Council had a long discussion about game genres and roles and how we want them situated for the purposes of FishSticks newest upcoming updates. Scribe showed up, and shenanigans ensued. Bad Scribe.

2) There was some "after official meeting" technical stuff, but it mainly involved Skye and Goat.

RocketChair's Recording: (WB, DUDE!)
word count: 290
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