Meeting Minutes 04/20/2019

Minutes from Christian Crew Meetings
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Meeting Minutes 04/20/2019

Post by NeoJabez » April 20th, 2019, 7:16 pm

Attendees: Amroth, Cal-Hobbes, FutronBob, Global, Goatman, JoeDeth, Kesarahk, Pingjockey, NeoJabez, RocketChair, TigerSky100, Toondogjoe, WingedScribe

Special Mentions: Happy Birthday to Goatman! Today is also the 4th anniversary of the death of TheRomans, he is still missed! Happy Easter, everyone! He Is Risen!

Prayers/Praises: FutronBob - Prayer request/update on my grandma: she's out of the hospital and is on hospice care, but is continuing to decline. The doctors think she probably hast just a couple weeks left. My sister and I did a video call with her a couple hours ago and she does not look well at all. Was really hard seeing her like this. Would greatly appreciate prayers for her and for our whole family. The stress of this is really weighing on us all., Kesarahk - It'll be 2-4 weeks til I hear back from my interview. I'd like a job, but more than that I'd like to rest in God's peace whether or not I do.


1) Our next meeting will be May 4th. (May the 4th be with you!) There's been some talk about possibly having a Star Wars themed event that night, we will let you know!

2) PingJockey said some kind words about our community and it's purpose, and showed some respectful gratitude. Thanks, PingJockey! He also brought forth ideas about doing some Elite Dangerous events stuff, because E:D has added a minor factions system, and so on.

3) FutronBob would like to share a movie night announcement: With Endgame releasing this coming week, our next Movie Night Monday will be Avengers: Infinity War. Monday April 22nd, at 7 PM PST/10 EST!

4) If you haven't responded yet to SkyeRanger's Fishsticks Inquiry Survey, we'd love to hear from you! ... EwUFUxVi4u

5) We got a couple of people added to the Steam Group that were having issues.


1) Goat wanted to throw out there that we need to probably add RPG to our top-level division listing for Fishsticks. We'll try and let SkyeRanger know we've gotten a few questions about this.

2) We spoke about the possibility of having fewer, but more lengthy Closed meetings, so we can accommodate the schedules of every staff member. (Not to mention so we can all enjoy more camaraderie with the membership if we don't 'disappear' at the end of every Open Meeting for hours.)

RocketChair's Recording:
word count: 414
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