Meeting Minutes 05/04/19

Minutes from Christian Crew Meetings
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Meeting Minutes 05/04/19

Post by NeoJabez » May 4th, 2019, 7:02 pm

Attendees: AJMan14, Amroth, Ben, FutronBob, Goatman, Kesarahk, Kratos, NeoJ, RocketChair, seanthegamer12, SkyeRangerDelta, TheDoctor, Tykur, WingedScribe

Prayers/Praises: Kesarahk - move is going well, all the big stuff made the jump, now it's just the million little things we didn't box before today. Thanks for your prayers. SkyeRangerDelta - My calc exam will determine whether or not I re-take this infernal course. Due to recent events, it's been pushed back.
Also for those families that were damaged by the shooter on UNCC's campus Tuesday afternoon. FutronBob - Continued prayers for my family as we deal with my grandma's passing. Woke up with a sore throat and bit of a cough this morning, would appreciate prayers I don't get sick. seanthegamer12 - prayers for a freind of my who is a girl that i went to special props prom with was rushed to the hospital on thursday as they got reports that she came down with a sinus infection and a unknown stomach bug as she was sent home with meds as they wait to follow up with the doctor if she she has to go back for many other tests to figure out what the unknown bug she has


1) FutronBob announced the upcoming movie for Monday, the 6th of May will be Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace at 7 PM PST/10 EST, with other SW movies following in coming weeks.

2) We said hello to Crosser and Tykur who joined us this evening! Nice to see you guys!

3) seanthegamer12: um just wanna let yall know my birthday is wednesday and i was thinking of playing some apex for my birthday night after i come back from my birthday dinner with family would anyone wanna join me for my birthday game night?


1) Skye would really like input at:

If you post an issue, it flows to the developer almost immediately. Anyone can view, but if you find that you have to have a GitHub account to post an issue, and don't want to do that, you can message Kesarahk and she'd be happy to post for you. (You are required to pay for this convenience with pretzels. jk)

2) Neo let leaders know across the board that we have game keys in reserve we can give away at various events, and we need to try and disseminate them occasionally.

RocketChair's Recording:
word count: 409
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