Meeting Minutes 06/15/19

Minutes from Christian Crew Meetings
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Meeting Minutes 06/15/19

Post by NeoJabez » June 15th, 2019, 9:33 pm

Attendees: Amroth, GrizzGallant, Kesarahk, Kratos, PredatorChair, Megs, NeoJabez, Tykur, TheDoctor, tola (tk3soj)

Prayers/Praises: Amroth - Just finished helping Attollo move, and it was very much for the better! Praise! Kesarahk - Sis has her hands full with baby etc. today. Prayers for encouragement would be appreciated. Thank you! Our old apt is trying to charge us for 1) carpet cleaning and 2) carpet replacement. We're negotiating as to howwww it could possibly be both etc. tola (tk3soj) - boss tried to blame me for breaking something once cuz i noticed it breaking apart once.. my old req to get a new job. i just don't know what to do.. cant decide where to apply or what to do.. current job is lame


1) Pingjockey is now a member! Welcome Pingjockey!

2) Kesa - Thoughts on moving Prayer Night to Saturday? Tuesdays have become a bit problematic for the host. Help! This is a case where a person can step up and lead these prayers nights at their normal time on Tuesday evenings at 6pm CST / 9pm EST or Kesa can continue them (possibly) on Saturday evenings at the same times, though this isn't the best option. Anyone interested?

3) FutronBob - There was a suggestion to grant ECs the ability to pin messages in Discord. Thoughts? This idea passed with flying colors, and we shall ask SkyeRanger to implement this into the EC role posthaste.

4) There were a few passing questions posed about CC's Twitch Stream channel. (CCTV) We'd love to know if anyone would be interested in possibly moderating the Twitch chat for Shadda's stream to help keep it clean. PredatorChair already streams Bible Studies and exports them to Twitch, and we've talked about him doing so with CC's channel directly, as opposed to through his own channel. We're going to double check with Bible Study leaders before we do that, though.

5) Amroth spoke about the YouVersion devotional that has been taking place recently. Amroth mentioned they went through a devotional book and then just kind of stopped, but he would like to continue and make everything more efficient and stuff. He isn't sure if he's going to do another meeting about it, but he's going to take Monday night about 6pm PAC / 9pm EST for about 15 minutes this week as an opportunity to hear from people again, if they are interested.

6) We noted some people may feel uncomfortable chatting voice, and prefer to type in text. Absolutely feel free to chat in any text channel you wish, no one is under an obligation to talk in voice if they don't feel comfortable. As an extension of that, if you don't feel comfortable in voice for your own personal reasons, we understand. But, if you ever don't feel comfortable in voice due to the actions or behavior of another person, PLEASE let a moderator or leader know, we will NOT allow anyone to feel left out due to the treatment or lack of understanding on the part of others.


1) Council has voted Everett4God into the Moderator Role. Congrats! Now you have to cater our next meeting! (jk)

2) We discussed a couple of active membership applications.

3) Some other operational details were discussed, nothing earth-shattering.

RocketChair's Recording:

Please attend our next meeting with your thoughts, questions, or suggestions in our Discord server on June 29, 2019!
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