Meeting Minutes 09/21/19

Minutes from Christian Crew Meetings
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Council Operations
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Meeting Minutes 09/21/19

Post by NeoJabez » September 21st, 2019, 6:55 pm

Attendees: AJMan14, Amroth, Dodge, Kesarahk, NeoJabez, RocketChair, WingedScribe, SkyeRangerDelta, BaconBob

Prayers/Praises: We had a really brief prayer, and had no requests.


1) We talked quite a bit about humor, memes, jokes that might cross a cultural line. In all cases that we can, we are going to pull 'questionable' material if we catch complaints, but we will also try and do so in a respectful and appropriate manner. In many cases, people post humor that requires a person to understand a reference to truly 'get' the joke. Sometimes, absent these references, humor may come across victimizing or worse. We don't want to target specific individuals for these sorts of minor mistakes, but rather the specific jokes that trip this rule.

2) SkyeRangerDelta had almost nothing to say about FishSticks other than that his V17 update is coming soon, and you still have time to suggest changes or additions to the project. Please use !suggest -[title] -[body] in the Discord if you have something you'd like to suggest.

3) The Movie Night Monday Poster Contest is over! Bob, Kesa, AJ, Houdini, and Tamz all had great entries! Please vote for your favorite at:


1) Neo noted that October is traditionally when our website bill gets paid, and was wondering if we could a) get an update on our finances, and b) possibly put someone else on the Council in a position to see the state of our funds.
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