CCG Store Memorial Day Sale!

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CCG Store Memorial Day Sale!

Post by NeoJabez » May 25th, 2017, 2:07 pm

Back in April I told everyone that everything in the CC store was severely marked down, and that from that point forward all existing items would be the base production cost plus $2 (USD). The $2 would go directly to CCG's server bills.

Well, the printer/distributor for our store now has a Memorial Day Weekend Sale for the next 5 days. Until Monday, you can get any product we offer in our store for the cost of production plus $2 for CC's bills, but the cost of production is discounted 25%!

This means that a white "CC Vintage Shirt", in a size below 2XL is $9.00! (And $2 of that helps keep our bills paid!)
There's still a shipping charge, but this 25% off the regular!

Please use the coupon code "g25yo" without quotes at checkout!

Obviously, this also means that this is a great time to get an added back graphic on a shirt, like your nickname, or your favorite division, or just about anything! (It doesn't matter how much I put on the back, there's simply a charge for having something printed on the back.)

Let me know here if you'd like something special made before the weekend is over! Commissioned graphics, as always, I will ask that you donate $5 to CC, instead of the default $2! That's all!
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