fish css map problems

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fish css map problems

Post by death_awaits_u » March 20th, 2013, 8:41 am

ok, i guess its here that i need to go. css server maps - there r alot of the maps on css fish server that need the nav files reworked. i don't map but i learned to build nav files for others who do the maps. as you know, the nav files are there for the a.i. to assemble a probable route for the bots to follow. however, the auto generator used by the mappers to create the nav files, are, to say the least, really bad at making areas that are not used in the game (empty views) walkable to the a.i. which can not be used, confussing the a.i. (artificial intel - sorta like the whitehouse and congress ) . and it also can not determin multple levels ,i.e. 2nd,3rd floors, ladders, stairs etc. very well. so, i go into the files and remove. reroute or just build a nav file from scratch if needed. this creats a smaller file, smoother and faster flow. so, lets take the map de_boomer. the bots don't go anywhere and when someone joins the server , they find it unplayable and leave and probably won't return. 50% of the fish's maps need to be repaired. this will , i hope , get the players to stay if the play is good. so, i guess, who ever is incharge of uploading maps,files to the server, contact me and i will be glad to send them the new nav files. i can, if need be, couple refs of the people i have helped. you can contact me at -
or you can find me at - the fish.
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