Excuses for not playing CS:S

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Re: Excuses for not playing CS:S

Post by Supern0va » June 21st, 2013, 1:54 pm

ElvisGent68 wrote:Well with Battlefield 4 coming out this year and Titanfall next year on PC, I just see no hope in CSS or CSGO becoming a serious contender for people to tear it up and play like a BAUS! Plus you still have Source Engine 2 coming out, so maybe that will get people to make an amazing CSS 2 with that engine and seriously compete for the wallets of PC gamers in the future.

CSS is not a bad game, but it is showing its massive age and the numbers prove that since a few years ago you have over 90k players playing daily, but that number is lower and split between CSS and CSGO, so what is really needed is CSS 2.

I just bought CS Complete for (free for that matter-f2p) or 6 keys for opportunity costs,, yeaah, you sort of become a miser of ur tf2 stuff after you're trying fatten it up all this while
True, Battlefield's series got what's coming for them. their innovation is paying off but a large number of players sticking to the traditional way of cs. i dont see it going down anytime soon. games made by valve have low requirements yet great and brutal veterans remain

i'd prefer having a game over an animated hat.
yes, i know steam summer sale is around the corner but i doubt CS bundle would drop much,
CS:GO is 5 keys in Outpost. Used to be 4, but demand was great, more than L4D2.
Source is around similar though 5$ more in steam .
So 6 keys with CSGO card drops is a good deal, very few is selling for 6 keys, so if you want to grab 1 more:

CS Bundle is commonly sold for 7-9keys.

if youre a sniper in tf2, and you see 2 enemies, 1 with a gibus hat, the other with a burning Houwar, which would you like to headshot first ? seriously, the rotating peace sign/tf2 logo actually means "kill me first" to snipers
only hat i want is a searing plasma team captain for the medic but its 12-14 buds.

Dota 2 is the highest in terms of players per day, close to 300,000. CS series, TF2, L4D2 is still in top tens (or 20's). view stats in steam store tab.
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Re: Excuses for not playing CS:S

Post by Dodge » June 24th, 2013, 7:46 pm

I'ma play again now, join if you want (or not, that's cool too) :)
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Re: Excuses for not playing CS:S

Post by gn6me » June 24th, 2013, 9:24 pm

I have both CS:S and CS:GO but I normally play GO. Never really played Source much so I'd be interested to hear why it is or isn't better than GO. It just seems that with all the new FPS releases coming up and the GO competitive scene it just seems like source isn't going to last much longer.
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